Report any bug or issue you've encountered playing Dune: Spice Wars

Brown Screen / Only Fog of War

Just started up a game and there's nothing but sandy brown screen and the UI.
Suggested by: Kyle Down (21 Jun, '22) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 64
Need dxdiag Graphics/Visual

Non-functional win conditions The above save file has: -Over 25000 Hegemony -49% CHOAM shares (though I was ...
Suggested by: EnvyDragon (26 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 27

Errors in Russian localization: there are untranslated words

1) The word "ASSASSINATIONS" is not translated in the settings before the start of the match 2) The word "Sietch" is not translated anywhere 3) The word "Closed" ...
Suggested by: Forber (27 Apr, '22) Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 45
Fixed Localization

Networking challenge typo.

"The spacing guild seems to has" should be "The spacing guild seems to have"
Suggested by: Danny (16 Jan) Upvoted: 02 Mar Comments: 0

Can't start game from gamepass

When i start the game, i see two popup windows, including windows powershell with text "0.004666 [Main] Starting with args, [], OpenGL" and small blank game launcher ...
Suggested by: Doctorpwnz (18 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 19 Mar Comments: 26
Dev Noted

Game hangs and loading the autosave ends up in a neverending loop in the loading screen.

Solo game. Loading the autosave from the main screen > load reproduces the bug: ...
Suggested by: Ronald (18 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 20 May Comments: 5
Dev Noted

Game freezes for ever

I had 2 games in the row, after some time. Games freezes and that's all. I still can select units. Press different buttons, But games is frozen.
Suggested by: Vadim (27 Jan) Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 13
Dev Noted

Peaceful Annexe in Truce blocks AIs

Two things are happening in this scene. -What happened first was that the Harkonnen, who are in a truce with me started raiding a village that was being peacefully ...
Suggested by: Sire Aymeri (25 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 11 May Comments: 5
Dev Noted

Blue Screen of Death

During play, when some sort of alert or event happens such as construction complete (I'm not 100% sure what because I can hear it but not see it) the game screen ...
Suggested by: Michael (17 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 01 May Comments: 7
Fix in comments

archievement broken "Get it over with" (impossible due to removed feature)

Steam archievement "Get it over with" broken "As House Harkonnen, sacrifice an agent to assassinate your last opponent" The ability to sacrifice an agent to ...
Suggested by: GuilhermeHDM (17 Mar) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 2
Already in Data Base

Permanent Pause, Environment still fully interactable

Not a freeze, game still functions as normal, only appears to have pause button turned on permanently. Tried saving and reloading, turning pause on/off, unable to fix
Suggested by: Reese (18 Jan) Upvoted: 17 Apr Comments: 1
Need Save

Achievment Prudent will not unlock

Prudent: Win a game in solo play without losing a single non-temporary military unit or village Game mode: "battle for arrakis", solo Faction: Atreides ...
Suggested by: Vorto (11 Feb) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 14
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

AI refuses Truce absolutely on Easy.

The AI will not accept any offer for Truce while the difficulty is set to Easy and will refuse deals that are massively in their favor for material gains.
Suggested by: TornadoADV (16 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 4
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

"Prudent" achievement is broken.

I've just completed an Atreides game, winning a Political victory. Lost 0 units, lost 0 militia, had 0 villages attacked. I did not disband any village militia.
Suggested by: Duamutef_MC (05 Mar) Upvoted: 09 May Comments: 3
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Achievment No Offense - will not work

I have a question about another achievement. " No offense - As House Atreides, win a game without ever attacking a village". I won for House Atreides without ...
Suggested by: Scorpius (03 Mar) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 2
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Worm Nest missing spice field

Took over the worm nest, yet it has no spice field in it. Seed: 6058064
Suggested by: Alec (26 Jan) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 4
Dev Noted

Special Region Bugged, City not Reachable, Cant even fly with Airport "unsuitable terrain".

Special Region Bugged in the south below harkonnen spawn, City not Reachable, Cant even fly with Airport "unsuitable terrain". Couldn t capture special region, which ...
Suggested by: SmileMan (07 Feb) Upvoted: 25 May Comments: 3
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

can't place buildings in territory.
Suggested by: alex (03 Mar) Upvoted: 13 Apr Comments: 2
Dev Noted

AI is able to collect POIs with air units

In one of my games Smuggler AI was able to pick up Crashed Shuttle POI with Banshee.
Suggested by: ElSlayer (04 Mar) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 3
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Smuggler event does not add reward

The smuggler event 'Fate of the Tuek' is supposed to add 30 Votes and 50 Landsraad Standing once you spent enough Influence. So I did, but when I complete the event, ...
Suggested by: Flugente_TheCreator (14 May) Upvoted: 23 May Comments: 2
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Prudent and No Offense achievements still not working post March 22 patch

Hi, I started a new game for the Prudent and No Offense achievements (medium map, solo, Atriedes) after the March 22 patch - but the achievements still aren't ...
Suggested by: Dave (27 Mar) Upvoted: 09 May Comments: 2
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Crash to dekstop

I was controlling landsraad units fighthing other landsraad units there timer ran out and I got a crash to desktop. No save I can find
Suggested by: melle (31 Jan) Upvoted: 21 Mar Comments: 1
Dev Noted

Atreides Support Drone Healing Mechanical Units

The Atreides Support Drone still heals mechanical units if the Improved Medicines barracks upgrade is purchased.
Suggested by: Cracco (24 Jan) Upvoted: 26 Jan Comments: 0
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

loading save file

After loading save file cant control anything and map looks like this Using OpenGL On directx everything is fine but game got each 5-6 second fps drops realy annoying
Suggested by: MaybeLater (21 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 17 Mar Comments: 0
Need more info

hosting loops loading screen on the multiplayer host

if you host a server in multiplayer using peer-to-peer or europe the loading screen on the host loops if it loads to 100 % it restarts again from 0 %. is it ...
Suggested by: Edmond (28 Jan) Upvoted: 14 Feb Comments: 7
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Unchained Cerbs will attack jessica'd attredies, instantly breaking treaty

deserving of a hotfix it is replicatable easily and is game breaking
Suggested by: B-Frog (17 Mar) Upvoted: 17 Mar Comments: 4
Dev Noted

Peaceful annexeation and water units

Hi, I saw that water available might without reason after a peaceful annexeation. It happens in solo games In the first saved game I shared with you, you will ...
Suggested by: Stephane Hatchadourian (23 Feb) Upvoted: 24 Feb Comments: 4
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Buggesd spice field

Cant deploy my harvester
Suggested by: melle (09 Jan) Upvoted: 23 Mar Comments: 4
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

MP Utterly Unplayable

Whenever my friend annexes his first village, the game becomes completely unresponsive. Buttons do not work. We tested this on three different games.
Suggested by: ThatLetoGuy (11 Mar) Upvoted: 16 Mar Comments: 3
Need more info

Game do not start after "Line in the sand"

For the first time the game does not start (after "Line in the sand"). The selection of the race etc. still works as usual. However, when starting the game after the ...
Suggested by: Gemsus (30 Jan) Upvoted: 09 Apr Comments: 3
Need dxdiag

Sietch floating against cliff

Sietch is floating against a cliff on the edge of a shield wall region. - Unable to reproduce - Played in solo mode with Attreidies faction.
Suggested by: Alex (30 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 05 Jan Comments: 3
Dev Noted

Blue Screen when zoomed in isometic view

Screen becomes solid blue when trying to zoom in. Zooming out shows top-down map - zooming back in makes screen blue again. Happened after taking over 1st village as ...
Suggested by: Adrian (25 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 07 Jan Comments: 3
Dev Noted

Anti-Virus flagging the game as a trojan

My AV (Kaspersky) is flagging the games launcher as a trojan and deletes it. This is the game pass version fyi. Here's my AV report in case it helps at all: ...
Suggested by: ragsnstitches (19 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 20 Nov, '22 Comments: 3
Dev Noted

Assassination mission progress blocked

During solo play, normal setting everything, all wincons allowed with Atreides, assassination mission progress stops at the end of 2nd level and will not proceed ...
Suggested by: Rackajuh (28 Apr) Upvoted: 13 May Comments: 2
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Scrolling & movement slowdown

The game slows down to snails pace. All controls and unit movement becomes sluggish. Don't know what triggers this but makes the game very frustrating.
Suggested by: Andy (29 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 02 Jan Comments: 2
Need dxdiag

Fremen Altar can ride worms

The Altar (fremen heavy aircraft) will ride a sandworm if it is over the pickup zone when a sandworm grabs an army to transport it. Mode: Solo Faction: Fremen ...
Suggested by: Don Kirkland (18 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 20 Nov, '22 Comments: 2
Dev Noted

UI Bug

As the numbers in the top bar measuring resources fill to larger numbers it will push the UI containing the diplomacy, units, research/landraad/espionage to the ...
Suggested by: Wenchbane (17 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 17 Nov, '22 Comments: 2
Dev Noted

Sand worms attack deployed Fremen harvesting teams

Received a sand worm alert as Fremen despite not having any units in combat or on sand. Clicked the alert, the camera focused on a deployed harvesting team. "That's ...
Suggested by: EnvyDragon (10 Apr) Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 1
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

"Failed to load library steam-hdll" - Game all of a sudden won't start anymore

- uninstalled steam and reinstalled: no effect - uninstalled Dune and reinstalled: no effect Always comes back with: "Failed to load library steam-hdll" ...
Suggested by: Bora (14 Feb) Upvoted: 20 Feb Comments: 1
Need more info

can not play completely locked up every time i click on something says do u want to erase

wont allow gameplay or looking o\r clicking on anything to move forward
Suggested by: rune (12 Feb) Upvoted: 22 May Comments: 1
Need more info

Stuttering and freezing every couple of minutes

the game begins to stutter every couple of minutes, for like 15 sec, then it stops again. Solo game, medium map size, house corino, seed: 14883763, but happend ...
Suggested by: Davorin (10 Feb) Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 1
Need Save

Bot trades influence for nothing in multiplayer - bug

Any AI will trade influence for you for nothing in multiplayer - on the contratry you can trade the free influence for any other resouse, plascrete, solari etc. then ...
Suggested by: Davech (22 Jan) Upvoted: 26 Jan Comments: 1
Dev Noted

Imperial Mandate Shared to all factions

The Corrino's imperial mandate happens to share the 2 Sardaukars with all the factions at once despite being traded with just one. Is it normal?
Suggested by: Crotalo (13 Jan) Upvoted: 16 Jan Comments: 1

Fremen Sardaukar (NOT THROUGH TREATY)

Hello, I don't think I can provide a save file, since this is from a 2v2 that I had with a friend. (multiplayer) We were playing Harkonnen/Corrino vs Atreides AI / ...
Suggested by: Leo (11 Jan) Upvoted: 12 Jan Comments: 1
Dev Noted


Suggested by: Avarosan (13 Apr) Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 0
Dev Noted

Typo in Contraband Supply Event

Typo in the description of one of the options in a Contraband Supply Event for the smugglers (see attached screenshot). Currently reads: "Exchange the Spice for ...
Suggested by: Robert_H (13 Feb) Upvoted: 14 Feb Comments: 0
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Wrong tooltip data for Experimental Alloy Foundry

Exprerimental Alloy Foundry has upkeep of 300 plascrete. If you build it in a region with Ingenious Mind trait, the one that gives +20% Economy Buildings resource ...
Suggested by: ElSlayer (09 Feb) Upvoted: 18 Feb Comments: 0
Already in Data Base

Game freeze for Corrino after collecting a reward from event

I had 3 games as Corrino in a rów where game freezed every time after I picked up reward from an event, event reward was Sard at max level and landstrad position, ...
Suggested by: Morgoth (30 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 0
Dev Noted

No audio cue anymore for wormsigns.

Cant here the audio sting when a wormsign appears since the last patch.
Suggested by: Tyler (27 Jan) Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 0
Will be fixed in an upcoming patch

Hotkeys not saving

Any changes I make to the Hotkeys are reset upon closing the game. Happens every time, entirely reproducible. This happens regardless of whether I'm playing ...
Suggested by: Aeary (26 Jan) Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 0
Dev Noted