Anti-Virus flagging the game as a trojan

My AV (Kaspersky) is flagging the games launcher as a trojan and deletes it. This is the game pass version fyi.

Here's my AV report in case it helps at all:

Event: Malicious object detected
User: **********
User type: Active user
Application name: explorer.exe
Application path: C:\Windows
Component: File Anti-Virus
Result description: Detected
Type: Trojan
Name: HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Convagent.gen
Precision: Heuristic Analysis
Threat level: High
Object type: File
Object name: Launcher.exe
Object path: C:\XboxGames\Dune- Spice Wars\Content
MD5 of an object: A7B3D251820C3833E01F737408C3A207
Reason: Machine learning
Databases release date: Today, 19/11/2022 17:56:00

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Comments: 3

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