Can't start game from gamepass

When i start the game, i see two popup windows, including windows powershell with text "0.004666 [Main] Starting with args, [], OpenGL" and small blank game launcher window.

Then it's immediately closes, and nothing happens.

I'm trying to reinstall the game, restart pc, fix it via xbox app, fix it via windows settings, installing it from windows store.

Still can't run this game.

My laptop: redmibook pro 15 2022. AMD Ryzen 7 6800H with Radeon 680M, 16Gb LPDDR5, 512 Гб PCIe 4,0 SSD.
Game version: 1.0.20333.0


Dev Noted Suggested by: Doctorpwnz Upvoted: 05 Dec Comments: 23

Comments: 23

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