Blue Screen of Death

During play, when some sort of alert or event happens such as construction complete (I'm not 100% sure what because I can hear it but not see it) the game screen turns totally blue, similar to the old Windows blue screen of death. I've tried a number of different graphics settings without any luck.

# Workaround

The game doesn't stop playing, so what  I've been doing is pressing F5 to quicksave then ALT+F4 to shut down the game. I can then resume at that spot. Unfortunately, the game crashes every 5-10 minutes of game play so it's not really much of a work around.

# Troubleshooting

I've tried a variety of graphics settings including full screen and windowed mode. I've verified the integrity of game files, and disabled the Steam Overlay. I've tried multiple Proton versions under Steam Play.

# Info

## Steam Info

App ID: 1605220
Build ID: 9786420

## System Info & Save Game Files

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Comments: 5

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