Peaceful Annexe in Truce blocks AIs

Two things are happening in this scene.

-What happened first was that the Harkonnen, who are in a truce with me started raiding a village that was being peacefully annexed by me (Atreides). I managed to snatch the village before they finished their raid, but they kept fighting my militia then. Now they are endlessly attempting to besiege it or something, they have been stuck like this for a whole minute.

-Secondly, the Smugglers in between the two village are hesitating between responding to the rebellion the Harkonnen caused and attacking the Harkonnen stuck in their siege attempt. They are like this for about 30 sec.

This is chaos and I love it! But please fix it still :)

Dev Noted Suggested by: Sire Aymeri Upvoted: 17 Nov Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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